Healthscope, Inc provides a range of services for clients in health care.

Our three primary client categories are Hospitals, Physicians and Law Firms.

Services for Physicians

Contract negotiation involves balancing the needs of physicians, medical practices and hospitals in determining fair market compensation, benefits, scheduling/call & coverage obligations, terms of employment (including incentives, discipline and termination) and restrictive covenants (if applicable). Contract provisions must be developed within the context of physician and hospital goals for the practice. 

Healthscope understands that objectivity and fairness are the pillars of successful negotiation and strives to assist clients with a fair and reasoned analysis of practice and physician market data in the contract review and negotiation process.

At some point in every provider’s career, there comes a time for transition planning. Healthscope has the experience to work with providers to determine their short and longer term professional goals, evaluate available options for practice transition, and follow through on transition decisions.

Physician practices require timely access to quality data and assessments for sound business planning and development decisions. Healthscope knows the questions to ask, and the data to collect. Healthscope develops timely assessments which form a solid basis for the development and analysis of multiple scenarios of go-forward business development strategies.

Understanding the current health of a medical practice is essential for short and longer term planning. Healthscope can assist the practice to prepare and update timely, cost effective matrix assessments of the key provider production and operating variables which affect a practice’s bottom-line financial performance.

Healthscope works with front line providers and staff to identify and determine the pro forma impact of short term and longer range options for increased production, operating improvements, and bottom line performance.

Sound business development decisions are driven by listening to client issues, asking the right questions, and generating good data and spot on analyses. Healthscope’s experience and methods provide needed information often without the unnecessary cost and logistical hurdles associated with on-site meetings at the Practice.

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