Healthscope, Inc provides a range of services for clients in health care.

Our three primary client categories are Hospitals, Physicians and Law Firms.

Physician Business Development Coach & Mentor

Transition of medical practices from private to hospital ownership often distances or removes the physicians from key day-to-day operating decisions, and longer term business development decisions at the practice and within the network. Elimination of this key front line resource from management decision-making wastes physician talent and experience, diminishes a physician’s natural competitive drive to help the practice succeed, and dramatically reduces the network management’s ability to “get the job done”. Front-line physicians want and need to be involved in decisions that affect their work environment, and their income, and they need succinct and timely data to help the network define smart business development decisions.

Healthscope assists practices to streamline their data collection and reporting processes, develop a succinct one-page monthly dashboard for distribution to management and practice providers, and educate and mentor the providers and network managers regarding business development realities and opportunities facing the practice.


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