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As hospitals continue to evolve their business models in the face of rapid health-care industry change, some have faced questions about their traditional tax-exempt status. 

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is having a profound effect in the business of health care. While the ripple effects of the law are widespread, there are a few key elements those in the business of health care must understand. Our first tip is related to the effect of the ACA on compensation.   

The Medical Office Manager website offers tips for motivating staff when budgets do not allow dangling the carrot of a raise. It really comes down to effective management—and understanding the people who work for you.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced last year it would put new emphasis on enforcing workplace safety standards under the general duty clause of the OSHA act. 

Medical practices employing higher ratios of nonphysician providers (NPPs) to physicians enjoy more productivity, lower costs and higher revenue, according to numbers from MGMA DataDrive. 

Readmissions are a serious problem for many hospitals. A certain subset of patients, in many cases lacking a primary-care physician, may repeatedly visit emergency rooms for follow-up treatment, relapses or difficulty in recovery.

Organ transplants are big business, but hospitals must be careful to set up clear-cut agreements with surgeons and protect themselves from possible litigation. There are also lessons in this story for how health systems should treat their doctors, or at least manage perceptions of how physicians are valued.

The Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, a local nonprofit in Camden, NJ, offers a part-time apprenticeship program for teens at area outpatient medical offices including facilities run by Cooper Medical Center and Lourdes Health System. 

A recent article in MGMA Connection explores the question of the best structure for governing medical groups. This is an important issue because the governance model used has a direct impact on financial performance, according to MGMA research.

Ancillary care—lab tests, radiology, physical therapy, and other services which support the work of primary physicians—is becoming increasingly important as a revenue generator for medical practices. 

Like any business, health care institutions must be savvy marketers. This means doing more than the traditional “push” marketing strategies of advertising and press releases. In the digital age, businesses must reach potential customers where they do their decision making—online and on social media. 

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