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Digital Marketing Tips for Health Systems

Like any business, health care institutions must be savvy marketers. This means doing more than the traditional “push” marketing strategies of advertising and press releases. In the digital age, businesses must reach potential customers where they do their decision making—online and on social media. 

Understanding how patients use search, social media, video, and other digital tools to choose a hospital or medical practice is central to this effort. For instance, patients are more likely to search symptoms than brands; the “sales funnel” begins with searches about conditions or diseases and ends with finding a specific provider. 

Digital Marketing for Hospitals, Medical Practices

Despite this, less than 25 percent of hospitals use Google and Facebook to market services, according to healthcare marketing firm Fathom. A greater focus on SEO and rich online media (which is good both for search and social sharing) is one way to boost digital marketing efforts. 

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